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Old People Fights Ep 163

I discuss old celebs and their war of words.  I also talk about the Playboy hauntings.

Stupid Criminals Ep 162

I discuss the antics of some really stupid criminals.

I discuss Shatner's space shot.  The 10 strangest things about space.  The worst vacation spots in the universe.

The Sexy Podcast Ep 160

I discuss what ten guys have found to be real sexy chat in the bedroom.  My internet browser's top news stories of the day.  Guys, get off the dating sites like tinder.  It is a lo...

People Weaponizing

I discuss the poop bandits, and a man's strange fetish.

Dog Day Afternoon Ep 158

I discuss snakes in toilets, and other bathroom issues.  Sleeping with your dog may not be a good thing.  Mega Rich Pastor Joel Osteen's antics.

SpookyFest Ep 157

I discuss Dave Chappelle, the MN Ren Fest, and Spooky Stories.

I discuss my trip to Colorado.

The Creepy and Haunted

I talk about a famous haunted hotel and cemetery.

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