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Spark It Up Ep 183

A voicemail from TokeChella.  Various state's weed laws.

Slap Fight Club

I discuss with Edith my guest from Wyoming the Will Smith slap, and other issues.

Dumpster Fire Ep 181

Discussions of paranormal TV, and YouTube paranormal shows.  Fun for all ears!

Daddy Mingles Ep 181

Dad sings his heart out for the ladies.  I thank a listener named Danny for his contribution to the show.  It is funny, and he deserved every word of it.  CJ and I discuss weird ya...

My Texting Rant Ep 179

I talk about the pitfalls of texting, and the Samsung S22 Ultra.

Advice For Singles

Advice from the undateable, and free advice from comedian Bill Burr.

WKRP Ep 177

I was working on posting this episode, when some sad news happened.  I will talk about it in my next episode.  Will these zodiac signs have a bad day on this date?  I also talk abo...

Junk Yard Dogs

The Quagmire of SNL. I try to catch a phone scammer.  Unusual romantic vacation spots.

Junk Yard Dogs Ep 176

The Quagmire of the SNL cast.  I try to catch a phone scammer.  Romantic vacation spots that are really unusual.

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