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CJ and I discuss stupid criminals, bacon, the deer mafia, and very bad christmas gift ideas.

Wicked Weather Man Ep 171

I discuss with CJ wicked weather trends, plus weird animal stories.

Make Your Bed Ep 170

Is making your bed healthy?  A dangerous night at the bar.  Rioter has a warped view of prison life.

Stand up comedy for a club written and performed by me.  If you haven't heard it then it is new for your ears.

The Titans of Rock

I discuss old rock stars trolling each other with insults.  Dressing up like a Nazi is no way to promote a cultural exchange with Germany.  The UK trying to update protection laws ...

MustardGate Ep 168

I discuss Keith Richards and restaurant condiments.

A Fancy Life Ep 167

I discuss my not so fancy life.  I talk about some popular sail boating channels on Youtube.

I discuss reasons why there are millions of single, and available women.  I review an audio clip of a woman's quiz for guys.

I discuss some reasons why so many men are single.

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